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Every month we publish a newspaper full of our latest products, news about design, insights about us and puzzles to pass the time of day. You can also get a sneaky peak of what’s in store next month. Pick up your free copy of Halløj! in your nearest Flying Tiger Copenhagen store.

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Trick or Treat?

How often do you hand out free sweets to all the kids on your street? Or get together and make brilliant costumes to scare the life out of the neighbours?
Halloween should be just a little bit terrifying. We think that it should be scary, yet cosy               

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Hygge around the clock!

There’s so much hygge to be had working together on creative projects.

Mobile phone accessories

Get cuddly and snuggly

Danes are the creators of hygge and autumn is the time when this kind of cosiness is best done indoors. Let us show you the hygge way.

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See all the crazy ways people from around the whole world find to use Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s products. 

Announcing our recent ‘Draw Yourselfie’ winners for a £50 spend at our Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores.
What’s not to smile about that?  

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